Using our proprietary mobile technology and multi channel production expertise
we create consumer facing campaigns or internal innovation programmes that
positively use the addictiveness of the smartphone for the benefit
of your company.
Creation of national or global
consumer facing competitions that are
standalone or supplementary to
existing campaigns that recruit engage
and retain consumers whilst delivering
innovation, brand awareness and CSR.


Reveal realtime consumer insights
assisted by deep data analytics.
Permanently ‘on’ intra company
innovation, social messaging and
corporate news mobile platform.


Cast relevant knowledge and celebrit
y talent to endorse, participate and
make heroes of the users.


Short enough for the coffee queue
long enough for the commute.
What they’re saying…
“Ideas Britain will open doors.”
“Ideas Britain, brilliant! Get your idea out there.”
“Ideas Britain is just a great concept.”
“The app that turns people’s ideas in to reality.”
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To find out how the synergy of mobile tech with social entertainment and
gamification can significantly influence the recruitment, retention and engagement
of employees and customers and unearth ideas and talent that can shape your future.


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